War Refugees or Welfare Cheats?

Anyone who has seen  a real refugee crisis caused by war will easily see that the majority of the refugees flooding into Europe are actually just welfare cheats looking for the most free money they can possibly receive.

After all, a real war refugee will not leave a safe country like Turkey and risk the lives of his young children in a shitty boat in order to go to Greece. A real war refugee will stay as close to his home country as possible so that it will be easy to reunite with his family when the war ends. A real refugee won’t risk the lives of his children by walking through 10 European countries in order to get to Germany, Denmark, or Sweden.

Only a person who is looking for as much free money, housing, healthcare and other social benefits as possible would make such a journey.

And the internet is filled with sickeningly hilarious clips of so-called war refugees complaining about the help they are being given by European countries.

Judge for yourself: War Refugee or Welfare Cheat?

A real war refugee is grateful for a place to sleep, and doesn’t complain about it being too cold at night. A real war refugee is grateful to be fed, and doesn’t complain that it’s spaghetti every day. A real war refugee doesn’t own a computer, so won’t complain about how slow the free wifi is. A real war refugee doesn’t care that there is no TV, no air conditioning, and no money for cigarettes.

And so on and so forth…