The Myth of the Wage Gap Simplified

You probably believe that woman earn only about 78 per cent as much money as men. And that is utter horseshit.

Let me explain it in such simple turns that even a retarded child could understand. Maybe even a Social Justice Warrior.

Okay, step one. If you take all the men in the world and all the wages they earn and average it out, then that number will be about 20 per cent higher than if you take all the women in the world and all of the wages they earn and average it out.

Yes, on average, men make approximately 20 percent more money than women.

But the world is not an average place. So that number is meaningless.

The question you have to ask it: Why do men make more money, on average, than women?

Well, it’s really very simple. Virtually all of the dirty, disgusting, dangerous, shitty and life-threatening jobs are done by men. And those jobs pay more. And that pushes up the average. Simple.

Read this if you’re still confused.

On that page you will learn that 99% of coal miners are men; 99% of garbage collectors are men; 100% of deep sea fishermen are men; 100% of electrical power line installers are men; 100% of roughnecks (work the oil drill) are men; 99% of auto repair mechanics are men; 99% of roofers are men; 100% of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are men; 98% of metal fabricators are men; 97% of aircraft maintenance and service technicians are men; 95.5% of firefighters are men; 92% of construction workers are men; 88% of patrol officers are men.

static1.squarespaceAnd if that isn’t clear enough, women also earn less – on average – because the average woman chooses to work less hours and take jobs that are more flexible (and thus pay less) because the average woman wants to have children and wants to spend as much time as possible with those children.

It’s really not that difficult to understand. And it certainly isn’t any male patriarchy that’s making it happen. If men had that much power they would send the women off to do all the shitty jobs and get killed in the line of duty. But men don’t. Because men are kind, sweet people who would do anything to protect women from all the dangerous bullshit of the world.

You’re welcome, ladies.