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ISIS 2.0 – Petty Bureaucrats with Machine Guns

Obviously ISIS is a fucked-up evil mess, but at the very least it might be understandable that angry young men would get a thrill out of starting up a new country and killing all their enemies.

But without a set of laws and a system of justice, who is going to manage your brand new country? God can’t be everywhere.

Which brings us to the petty, mindless bureaucrats. Anyone who lives in a western democracy knows that these fucktards are the bane of our existence. They blindly follow pointless rules, relish in holding a miniscule amount of power over you, and are incapable of logical thought in order to solve a tiny little problem.

But at least they don’t have machine guns and the right to tell you how to dress, what to eat, where to go and who to be friends with.

Unlike the guys who enforce the rules in the new Islamic caliphate run by ISIS.

Here is a short clip from a fascinating VICE News documentary about the city of Raqqa, in which they follow around an ISIS bureaucrat with a machine gun who drives around town telling everyone what to do and forcing them all to live by his interpretation of all those stupid rules hidden somewhere within the fine print of the Koran. If I lived in a town like this and some brainwashed fundamentalist fuckhead was telling me what to do I would go ape-shit.

Welcome to hell on Earth. Thanks a lot, ISIS, you ignorant fucking assholes. I’d like to tell you that your warped religion is based on a fairy tale, but I realize that you’re too closed-minded to ever listen to a second opinion. Ironically, I hope there is a God so that your evil souls can rot in hell for being such a shits right here on Earth.

New Rule – Bill Maher Must Convert to Political Atheism

It’s times like last night’s New Rules that makes Real Time with Bill Maher one of the last much-watch bits left on television these days. Last night Maher eviscerated a wide swath of politically-correct crybabies, telling them, literally, to shut the fuck up.

“Yes, we joke about everybody here.  And that’s something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do… For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks.

Politicians Are Priests For Atheists

That Bill Maher sees the hypocrisy in these fake bouts of outrage is not difficult to understand. After all, he’s obviously a highly intelligent thinker, and has used his mind with great effectiveness to skewer the simple-mindedness of blind followers of religions.

Which makes it so difficult to understand his insistence on taking sides in the American political system. If anyone could see the two-party shell game for the stinking pile of bullshit that it truly is it should be Maher. Instead, he donates a million bucks to Barack Obama. Ouch! If George Bush had started as many bombing campaigns as Obama liberals would be shitting bricks.

He understands religious atheism so clearly, why does he have this mental block when it comes to political atheism? Maher says that all religions are childish superstitions, he surely wouldn’t pick sides and donate money to one church over all the others. So why the double-standard with politics? All political parties, like all religions, are run by egomaniacal sociopaths at the top of the pyramids of power and all of them are in it purely for the money.

I’m certain that Bill Maher can see this. Please, Bill, I implore you, give up your childish faith in politics and politicians. After all, what did that million bucks get you? Some extra drones to bomb the fuck out of the evil-doers? What a waste…

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Let’s Not Force Stupid People to Vote

“The best argument against Democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchill

This week Barack Obama said some nonsense about mandatory voting laws. I really don’t understand the logic of this. Every time there is an election we are urged to get out there and vote and every time the election is over the media is distraught at low voter turnout.

Real-change-Charlie-Brown[Just for the sake of this post, let’s ignore the entire argument about the fact that all political parties are bought and paid for by corporations and that no matter who you vote for the same policies will be implemented… just for the next minute or so let’s pretend that voters have a choice between politicians who have differing opinions about important issues.]

But why do we want every person in the country to vote? Why would we want people who are completely ignorant about politics to pick our politicians? There are already far too many people who vote based solely on what they learned in a completely biased 30-second TV commercial. Do we really want to add more voters who are completely uninterested in politics to scratch an “X” on the ballot just so they are not fined?

Please don’t force ignorant people to vote. In fact, it should be against the law to vote if you have not done your research about the candidates and the issues and if you are not able to defend your position. I’d rather have 5% voter turnout if those voters know what they are doing than to have 100% of the mindless masses pick our next representatives.