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The Bright Side of Terrorism

baby-terroristsThese days there are horrific terrorist attacks almost every day. And that’s incredibly sickening and disheartening.

But let’s take a look at the slight sliver of a silver lining.

If these backwards-thinking psychopaths simply moved into Europe and North American and quietly took over Western Civilization by pumping out dozens of children each they would succeed in just a few more decades.

But by killing innocent people every day they have exposed themselves for the evil monsters that they are, and now the Western sheep who would have quietly been displaced are now starting to grow a backbone and will, hopefully, soon start fighting back.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what kind of backlash the Germans are capable of if Islamist extremists continue to hack their way through the Fatherland.


Returning to the Religious Dark Ages

I love these old photographs of Islamic countries before the decline. You see, it proves that Islam doesn’t have to be backwards, close-minded, and radically fundamentalist. Up until the 1970s many middle-eastern countries were using their vast oil riches to modernize and begin to experiment with equal rights and freedom for all.

But now these countries are well on their way to hell on Earth.

If you are a Muslim it is time to fight back against this rot within your religion, and get back on track towards a prosperous future for your children. Or just convert to atheism and walk to Europe.







Most Muslims Are Peaceful. True, but irrelevant.

In this video Brigitte Gabriel gives an impassioned speech proving that it is irrelevant that most Muslims are peaceful. Of course they are.

Most Germans during World War 2 were also peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill 60 million people.

Most Russians were also peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 20 million people.

Most Chinese were peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 70 million people.

Most Japanese were peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 12 million people.

In all these cases, the peaceful majority were irrelevant.

Yes, most Muslims are peaceful. They are also irrelevant if a small minority of radicals decides to kill millions of people.