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If you “fear the future” you are an idiot

b234d3bbafedc8a68643e09868fd7502First Brexit, then Trump, and now everyone suddenly fears the future. Don’t be an idiot.

We used to be cavemen (and women, obviously (and perhaps even a few CaveLGBTQ+++ (but they wouldn’t have been able to breed so would have died out)))) and now we’re on the verge of robot sex slaves.

Obviously we know how to get shit done. People in the future will look back at our lifestyles and pity us for our shitty lives.

And you’re going to live your life in fear because of one old egomaniac? Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. And if you want it, you’ll be fine as well.

There Is Nothing To Fear But Media Hysteria

When I was seven I got my first taste of media-induced paranoia after reading an article about killer bees, which, sadly, never made it to my part of the world. In fact, I don’t think they ever made it out of Colombia. I think we were saved by the ice age of the late 1970s, which killed all the killer bees.

Since then it’s been an endless parade of nonsense.

Here then, is a very small sample of all the media scares I personally have survived, from A-Z

  • Acid Rain / Anthrax / Antibiotic Resistance
  • Bird Flu / Breast Implants / Bubonic Plague
  • Caffeine / Cell Phones / Climate Change / Communism / Crack
  • DDT / Deforestation / Dirty Bombs
  • Ecoli / Eggs
  • Fatty Foods / Fluoridation / Foreigners
  • Global Cooling / Global Warming / GMOs / Gun Control
  • Heroin / Homosexuality
  • Illegal Aliens / Isis
  • Japan
  • Killer Asteroids / Killer Bees / Killer Robots
  • LSD
  • Mad Cow Disease / Mass Extinctions / Mercury Poisoning / Meth
  • Nuclear War / Nuclear Winter / Nutrasweet
  • OIl Spills / Overpopulation / Ozone Holes
  • Peak Oil / Pesticides / Plastic Bags / Pollution
  • Queers
  • Rogue States / Running Out of Food / Oil / Water
  • SARS / Swine Flu / Street Gangs / Sugar / Super Germs
  • Terrorism / Tsunamis
  • Undocumented Workers
  • Vaccinations & Autism / Video Games
  • Wage Gap / West Nile Virus
  • X-Rays
  • Y2K / Yellow Fever
  • Zoophilia


How many of these world ending crises have affected you personally? Less than three? How many have changed the world in any perceptible way? Zero.

Basically, life goes on in all it’s glorious monotony, and will continue for the foreseeable future. Life’s a bore, and then you die.