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Most Muslims Are Peaceful. True, but irrelevant.

In this video Brigitte Gabriel gives an impassioned speech proving that it is irrelevant that most Muslims are peaceful. Of course they are.

Most Germans during World War 2 were also peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill 60 million people.

Most Russians were also peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 20 million people.

Most Chinese were peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 70 million people.

Most Japanese were peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 12 million people.

In all these cases, the peaceful majority were irrelevant.

Yes, most Muslims are peaceful. They are also irrelevant if a small minority of radicals decides to kill millions of people.

ISIS 2.0 – Petty Bureaucrats with Machine Guns

Obviously ISIS is a fucked-up evil mess, but at the very least it might be understandable that angry young men would get a thrill out of starting up a new country and killing all their enemies.

But without a set of laws and a system of justice, who is going to manage your brand new country? God can’t be everywhere.

Which brings us to the petty, mindless bureaucrats. Anyone who lives in a western democracy knows that these fucktards are the bane of our existence. They blindly follow pointless rules, relish in holding a miniscule amount of power over you, and are incapable of logical thought in order to solve a tiny little problem.

But at least they don’t have machine guns and the right to tell you how to dress, what to eat, where to go and who to be friends with.

Unlike the guys who enforce the rules in the new Islamic caliphate run by ISIS.

Here is a short clip from a fascinating VICE News documentary about the city of Raqqa, in which they follow around an ISIS bureaucrat with a machine gun who drives around town telling everyone what to do and forcing them all to live by his interpretation of all those stupid rules hidden somewhere within the fine print of the Koran. If I lived in a town like this and some brainwashed fundamentalist fuckhead was telling me what to do I would go ape-shit.

Welcome to hell on Earth. Thanks a lot, ISIS, you ignorant fucking assholes. I’d like to tell you that your warped religion is based on a fairy tale, but I realize that you’re too closed-minded to ever listen to a second opinion. Ironically, I hope there is a God so that your evil souls can rot in hell for being such a shits right here on Earth.