New Rule – Bill Maher Must Convert to Political Atheism

It’s times like last night’s New Rules that makes Real Time with Bill Maher one of the last much-watch bits left on television these days. Last night Maher eviscerated a wide swath of politically-correct crybabies, telling them, literally, to shut the fuck up.

“Yes, we joke about everybody here.  And that’s something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do… For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks.

Politicians Are Priests For Atheists

That Bill Maher sees the hypocrisy in these fake bouts of outrage is not difficult to understand. After all, he’s obviously a highly intelligent thinker, and has used his mind with great effectiveness to skewer the simple-mindedness of blind followers of religions.

Which makes it so difficult to understand his insistence on taking sides in the American political system. If anyone could see the two-party shell game for the stinking pile of bullshit that it truly is it should be Maher. Instead, he donates a million bucks to Barack Obama. Ouch! If George Bush had started as many bombing campaigns as Obama liberals would be shitting bricks.

He understands religious atheism so clearly, why does he have this mental block when it comes to political atheism? Maher says that all religions are childish superstitions, he surely wouldn’t pick sides and donate money to one church over all the others. So why the double-standard with politics? All political parties, like all religions, are run by egomaniacal sociopaths at the top of the pyramids of power and all of them are in it purely for the money.

I’m certain that Bill Maher can see this. Please, Bill, I implore you, give up your childish faith in politics and politicians. After all, what did that million bucks get you? Some extra drones to bomb the fuck out of the evil-doers? What a waste…

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