Eat Whatever You Want, You’re Going to Die Anyway

With scientists changing their opinions every few weeks, it’s hard to know which foods are good for you and which foods are poisoning your vital organs. That’s why many sensible people say sensible-sounding things like “I won’t eat anything with ingredients I can’t pronounce”. But science can even ruin that.


There’s also a similar graphic for eggs and cherries.

And another thing, unless you have celiac disease please shut up about your need for gluten-free whatever-the-hell. I could rant for hours on this one but here’s an article headline that says it all: Science Proves Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real, People Are Just Whiners

No shit.

4 thoughts on “Eat Whatever You Want, You’re Going to Die Anyway

  1. Your completely right cmatile change is happening. It never stops, it never stopped changing since day 1.We are not causing the cmatile change though, we havent been here since the birth of our planet, but it always changed without us.We got tons of glaciers, i live on the east coast of canada, i can SEE glaciers if i go for a ride on the ferry.You have been tricked by a THEORY presented as truth.

  2. The strawberry is broken down into it’s chemical components. You can do the same thing with a human body – break it down into chemical components.

    No matter how hard you try, you cannot build a girl friend from a chemistry set any more than you can rebuild a strawberry.

    The problem is that our foods are now frankenfoods. You can eat a commercially produced blueberry muffin or pancake, and it will have no blueberries, not even the juice in the product.

    The wheat in the muffin is stripped of it’s nutrition, so instead of wheat, you’re ingesting only the starch with no nutritive value.

    Your body processes that refined wheat and refined sugar exactly the same – straight to glucose, bypassing the overfed liver, and floating in your body in search of insulin and a fat cell to store the excess energy for the day you run cross country in a blizzard.

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