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Don’t Save the Children

You’ve seen the commercials. There are starving children in Africa and they want us to feed them. Put down your white guilt for a moment and look at this objectively.

They want me to save these children? Whose children are they? What country is this? What kind of nation lets children become sick and malnourished while the dictators live in palaces and shoot their opposition? You want me to send money there and pray that some of these children get a few drops of water out of my donation?

No thank you.

And if I do send you a coffee’s worth of change every day? What if I save one child? What are the chances that this child will grow up to have a worthwhile life. Pretty slim. Odds are this child will grow up and get pregnant at an early age and have yet another sick and starving child. Brilliant.

But that won’t happen, because the executives who run these charitable organizations need to get paid first. And then they need money to film more commercials. Don’t forget the bribes to pay to the militants who run these nations. What’s left? A few pennies out of every dollar to keep a child alive for another day of suffering.

Yes, I am incredibly heartless. I understand that. But what is the point of keeping sick, starving people alive in a nation that will not take care of them and where they have absolutely zero chance of a fulfilling life. The sooner all of these people learn not to have children they cannot feed the better off they will be. I, for one, am not going to waste my money to keep the treadmill of misery going on and on and on and on.

P.S. When I was young there were starving children in China as well. And now there are not. What changed? The government brought in free enterprise and capitalism and now China is becoming a superpower. That is the only answer, and that is the direction Africa must take. 29 cents a day from a guilt-striken liberal in North America won’t do shit.

Brilliant demolition of the left in under 2 minutes by Milo Yiannopoulos

The left is really stupid. They look out at a society — western, democratic capitalism — the most successful engine of wealth distribution and equality in the world’s history. A system that has raised entire continents out of poverty. A system that has given women the vote. A system that has given equal rights to blacks, gays, all the rest of it. You know, citizens in the west, in Europe and North America, enjoy privileges and rights and equality unprecedented anywhere else in the world.

And the left’s response to this, Is tear down the institutions and principles that gave them those rights, and return our countries to the sort of chaos and warmongering and internal divisions that exist in the rest of the world, where women are forced to wear veils, and have acid thrown in their faces. Where gays are hanged from cranes, where people kill each other over political disputes in the street.

milo2The left’s response to the systems that have given everybody equal opportunities and access to the workplace, to education, to the public square. The system that we have built that has made us great. You know America is the greatest country in the world, Europe has produced the greatest culture in the world.

The system that enabled and produced all of that stuff is somehow the problem? I don’t mind calling that stupid.

Facts — yet another thing white men are better at

You know you’ve won the debate when your opponent can’t even think of some dumb platitude as a rebuttal but just sits there in silent defeat…

The point is this: before you shit all over white men ask yourself where you would like to live if you were an oppressed minority. Probably not any African or Asian country. Not anywhere dominated by macho Latinos. Nope. You would want to live in a country run by white men, because they will grant you more rights and respects than any other nation on Earth.

*btw, this video is from Gavin McInnes show, get more here…

The Bright Side of Terrorism

baby-terroristsThese days there are horrific terrorist attacks almost every day. And that’s incredibly sickening and disheartening.

But let’s take a look at the slight sliver of a silver lining.

If these backwards-thinking psychopaths simply moved into Europe and North American and quietly took over Western Civilization by pumping out dozens of children each they would succeed in just a few more decades.

But by killing innocent people every day they have exposed themselves for the evil monsters that they are, and now the Western sheep who would have quietly been displaced are now starting to grow a backbone and will, hopefully, soon start fighting back.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what kind of backlash the Germans are capable of if Islamist extremists continue to hack their way through the Fatherland.


Fuck Criminals, Not Capitalism

Before you go to your stupid protest with a sign that reads “Fuck Capitalism” why not pull your head out of your ass and try to learn something?


You don’t even need to crack open a book. Just look at pictures of North Korea versus South Korea to figure it out. Same people, same geography, same history, same language, but vastly different results. What’s the difference? Yes, capitalism.

Without capitalism you have nothing. Literally. So put your stupid sign away, you’re embarrassing yourself.

It isn’t capitalism that is the problem. It is evil, violent criminals who steal the wealth that capitalism gives us. Figure it out, dummy. If we had your Marxist revolution we would all starve to death.


What’s Wrong With A Warmer World?

Of all the First World Problems you could be whining about, worrying about the weather has got to be the first-worldiest.

So let’s assume you’re right. Let’s assume that climate change is happening and the world is going to be 2 or 4 or 6 degrees warmer in 10, 20 or 50 years.

Okay, you win. But before you ask me to spend trillions of dollars to bring down the temperature a little bit you have to answer the next logical question:

What’s wrong with a slightly warmer planet?


Most climate change hysterics don’t realize that the Earth has been warmer than it is now at various times throughout it’s geological history, and in those warmer eras humans have thrived, becoming healthier and wealthier and happier than ever before. It is only when the temperature drops that we become miserable and freeze to death.

Humans like being warm! That’s why we vacation in Hawaii and not Inuvik.

The White Side Of Slavery

Slavery has been a part of human civilization for as long as there have been humans on this planet. In every country, in every era, people with power have enslaved the weakest and most vulnerable members of the race.

All African nations, all Asian nations, all European nations and all North and South American Indian nations practiced slavery.

Even today, slavery is still rampant in the form of a horrifically evil child sex slave industry, which, unfortunately, is booming thanks to its great profitability. [Report: Almost 46 million people trapped in slavery…]*

So, in short, slavery has always existed and everyone went along with it and accepted it as just a way of life.

Oh, except for white European and North American men. They were the only people in the history of the world to realize that slavery is a horrible, morally-reprehensible condition and they were the only people in the history of the world to try to put a stop to it.

Just a good point to remember the next time some dummy tries to argue about slavery and racism and reparations and other ridiculous nonsense. They might not realize that slavery has nothing to do with race, as people of all races have been enslaved. The word slavery itself comes from the word Slavs, who are the white eastern European people who were the world’s first slaves.

They also might not realize that white people didn’t go to Africa and kidnap black people and make them slaves.

White people went to Africa and bought slaves from slave-owning black warlords. And then they freed them.

As the comic Jarrod Carmichael said (I’m paraphrasing here):

“Thank God for slavery. If it weren’t for slavery I’d be living in Africa right now! Africa! Instead I have my own HBO stand up comedy special!”


You see, Jarrod understands that living in America is about a million times better than living in most parts of Africa. African-Americans are the richest black people on the planet, even though they are the “poorest” Americans.

Face it, if you were about to give birth to a black child which country would you want that child born in? Would you risk him being born in some African country where he might end up a child soldier in some evil Islamic death cult?

No, if you had a choice, you would have that child born in Alabama or Mississippi, because those states are enlightened havens of liberalism compared to much of the rest of the world.

So quit yer whining.

P.S. Below is a great video by Stefan Molyneux if you want all the facts.

*Yeah, not a lot of white people are keeping slaves these days. Maybe it’s time to shift the blame onto those who deserve it.


The Solution to Climate Change in One Word

Maybe it’s because I live in Canada but it’s really hard to get excited about a 4 degree warming trend over the next 100 years. First of all, humans like warmer temperatures so it’s hard to see how a warmer climate would cause us too many problems.

Studies have clearly shown that cold weather is much more dangerous to humans than warm weather. Also, the Earth has been warmer than it is today at various times in the past 250,000 years and during those warmer periods humans did far better than during any ice age.

That’s why the solution to climate change can be summed up in one word:


Yes, humans are the masters of adaptation to the environment. We can live anywhere on the planet and in any weather. Here in Canada the climate changes every year. In the summer it’s regularly 30 degrees Celcius and in the winter it can easily drop to -20. That’s a 50 degree change in 6 months! And what do we do? We adapt. You think we can’t adapt to an extra 4 degrees over the next 100 years. You’re an idiot.


The Myth of the Wage Gap Simplified

You probably believe that woman earn only about 78 per cent as much money as men. And that is utter horseshit.

Let me explain it in such simple turns that even a retarded child could understand. Maybe even a Social Justice Warrior.

Okay, step one. If you take all the men in the world and all the wages they earn and average it out, then that number will be about 20 per cent higher than if you take all the women in the world and all of the wages they earn and average it out.

Yes, on average, men make approximately 20 percent more money than women.

But the world is not an average place. So that number is meaningless.

The question you have to ask it: Why do men make more money, on average, than women?

Well, it’s really very simple. Virtually all of the dirty, disgusting, dangerous, shitty and life-threatening jobs are done by men. And those jobs pay more. And that pushes up the average. Simple.

Read this if you’re still confused.

On that page you will learn that 99% of coal miners are men; 99% of garbage collectors are men; 100% of deep sea fishermen are men; 100% of electrical power line installers are men; 100% of roughnecks (work the oil drill) are men; 99% of auto repair mechanics are men; 99% of roofers are men; 100% of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are men; 98% of metal fabricators are men; 97% of aircraft maintenance and service technicians are men; 95.5% of firefighters are men; 92% of construction workers are men; 88% of patrol officers are men.

static1.squarespaceAnd if that isn’t clear enough, women also earn less – on average – because the average woman chooses to work less hours and take jobs that are more flexible (and thus pay less) because the average woman wants to have children and wants to spend as much time as possible with those children.

It’s really not that difficult to understand. And it certainly isn’t any male patriarchy that’s making it happen. If men had that much power they would send the women off to do all the shitty jobs and get killed in the line of duty. But men don’t. Because men are kind, sweet people who would do anything to protect women from all the dangerous bullshit of the world.

You’re welcome, ladies.

Most Muslims Are Peaceful. True, but irrelevant.

In this video Brigitte Gabriel gives an impassioned speech proving that it is irrelevant that most Muslims are peaceful. Of course they are.

Most Germans during World War 2 were also peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill 60 million people.

Most Russians were also peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 20 million people.

Most Chinese were peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 70 million people.

Most Japanese were peaceful, but the radicals were able to kill about 12 million people.

In all these cases, the peaceful majority were irrelevant.

Yes, most Muslims are peaceful. They are also irrelevant if a small minority of radicals decides to kill millions of people.

There Is Nothing To Fear But Media Hysteria

When I was seven I got my first taste of media-induced paranoia after reading an article about killer bees, which, sadly, never made it to my part of the world. In fact, I don’t think they ever made it out of Colombia. I think we were saved by the ice age of the late 1970s, which killed all the killer bees.

Since then it’s been an endless parade of nonsense.

Here then, is a very small sample of all the media scares I personally have survived, from A-Z

  • Acid Rain / Anthrax / Antibiotic Resistance
  • Bird Flu / Breast Implants / Bubonic Plague
  • Caffeine / Cell Phones / Climate Change / Communism / Crack
  • DDT / Deforestation / Dirty Bombs
  • Ecoli / Eggs
  • Fatty Foods / Fluoridation / Foreigners
  • Global Cooling / Global Warming / GMOs / Gun Control
  • Heroin / Homosexuality
  • Illegal Aliens / Isis
  • Japan
  • Killer Asteroids / Killer Bees / Killer Robots
  • LSD
  • Mad Cow Disease / Mass Extinctions / Mercury Poisoning / Meth
  • Nuclear War / Nuclear Winter / Nutrasweet
  • OIl Spills / Overpopulation / Ozone Holes
  • Peak Oil / Pesticides / Plastic Bags / Pollution
  • Queers
  • Rogue States / Running Out of Food / Oil / Water
  • SARS / Swine Flu / Street Gangs / Sugar / Super Germs
  • Terrorism / Tsunamis
  • Undocumented Workers
  • Vaccinations & Autism / Video Games
  • Wage Gap / West Nile Virus
  • X-Rays
  • Y2K / Yellow Fever
  • Zoophilia


How many of these world ending crises have affected you personally? Less than three? How many have changed the world in any perceptible way? Zero.

Basically, life goes on in all it’s glorious monotony, and will continue for the foreseeable future. Life’s a bore, and then you die.



War Refugees or Welfare Cheats?

Anyone who has seen  a real refugee crisis caused by war will easily see that the majority of the refugees flooding into Europe are actually just welfare cheats looking for the most free money they can possibly receive.

After all, a real war refugee will not leave a safe country like Turkey and risk the lives of his young children in a shitty boat in order to go to Greece. A real war refugee will stay as close to his home country as possible so that it will be easy to reunite with his family when the war ends. A real refugee won’t risk the lives of his children by walking through 10 European countries in order to get to Germany, Denmark, or Sweden.

Only a person who is looking for as much free money, housing, healthcare and other social benefits as possible would make such a journey.

And the internet is filled with sickeningly hilarious clips of so-called war refugees complaining about the help they are being given by European countries.

Judge for yourself: War Refugee or Welfare Cheat?

A real war refugee is grateful for a place to sleep, and doesn’t complain about it being too cold at night. A real war refugee is grateful to be fed, and doesn’t complain that it’s spaghetti every day. A real war refugee doesn’t own a computer, so won’t complain about how slow the free wifi is. A real war refugee doesn’t care that there is no TV, no air conditioning, and no money for cigarettes.

And so on and so forth…

Sometimes it’s okay to say Nigger

Last week President Barack Obama started a bunch of whining by saying a word.

“Racism, we are not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public.”

I’ve been saying it for years, and now Obama has made it official. Yes, sometimes it is okay to say the word nigger.

When is it okay? Well, whenever you are not using the word to insult or denigrate another person. You cannot call someone a nigger. That’s obvious.

But what if there is a movie that uses the word a few hundred times. Then, it is perfectly okay to say “Django Unchained uses the word nigger 213 times.” The word is not harming anyone. It is simply stating a fact. It’s just a word. Get over it.

Only Black People Can Use the Word Nigger

Black people will say that only black people can say the word nigger. But black people have been fighting for equal rights for decades. “Equal” rights. That means black people have the right to do anything that white people (or any other person, whatever color they are) are allowed to do.

But doesn’t it follow that white people should be allowed to do anything that black people are allowed to do? That’s what “equal” means, isn’t it? If a black person can say nigger shouldn’t a white person be able to say nigger? You can’t have it both ways. We are either all equal and are all allowed to use the word or we are all equal and nobody is allowed to use the word.

How to Teach Your Child the N-Word

Besides, how are we going to teach our children not to say that word if we can’t tell them what the word is?

maxresdefaultParent: You cannot say the N-word.

Child: Which N-word.

Parent: I’m not allowed to say it. Just don’t use it.

Child: Nighttime?

Parent: No.

Child: Nose?

Parent: No.

Child: Nascar? Noodles? Numbskull? Nasty?

Parent: Shut up! Just don’t say the N-word! Go to your room!

New Rule – Bill Maher Must Convert to Political Atheism

It’s times like last night’s New Rules that makes Real Time with Bill Maher one of the last much-watch bits left on television these days. Last night Maher eviscerated a wide swath of politically-correct crybabies, telling them, literally, to shut the fuck up.

“Yes, we joke about everybody here.  And that’s something a lot of liberals have forgotten how to do… For folks who take such pride in their love of diversity, liberals increasingly seem to tolerate none in their own ranks.

Politicians Are Priests For Atheists

That Bill Maher sees the hypocrisy in these fake bouts of outrage is not difficult to understand. After all, he’s obviously a highly intelligent thinker, and has used his mind with great effectiveness to skewer the simple-mindedness of blind followers of religions.

Which makes it so difficult to understand his insistence on taking sides in the American political system. If anyone could see the two-party shell game for the stinking pile of bullshit that it truly is it should be Maher. Instead, he donates a million bucks to Barack Obama. Ouch! If George Bush had started as many bombing campaigns as Obama liberals would be shitting bricks.

He understands religious atheism so clearly, why does he have this mental block when it comes to political atheism? Maher says that all religions are childish superstitions, he surely wouldn’t pick sides and donate money to one church over all the others. So why the double-standard with politics? All political parties, like all religions, are run by egomaniacal sociopaths at the top of the pyramids of power and all of them are in it purely for the money.

I’m certain that Bill Maher can see this. Please, Bill, I implore you, give up your childish faith in politics and politicians. After all, what did that million bucks get you? Some extra drones to bomb the fuck out of the evil-doers? What a waste…

political atheism


Let’s Not Force Stupid People to Vote

“The best argument against Democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchill

This week Barack Obama said some nonsense about mandatory voting laws. I really don’t understand the logic of this. Every time there is an election we are urged to get out there and vote and every time the election is over the media is distraught at low voter turnout.

Real-change-Charlie-Brown[Just for the sake of this post, let’s ignore the entire argument about the fact that all political parties are bought and paid for by corporations and that no matter who you vote for the same policies will be implemented… just for the next minute or so let’s pretend that voters have a choice between politicians who have differing opinions about important issues.]

But why do we want every person in the country to vote? Why would we want people who are completely ignorant about politics to pick our politicians? There are already far too many people who vote based solely on what they learned in a completely biased 30-second TV commercial. Do we really want to add more voters who are completely uninterested in politics to scratch an “X” on the ballot just so they are not fined?

Please don’t force ignorant people to vote. In fact, it should be against the law to vote if you have not done your research about the candidates and the issues and if you are not able to defend your position. I’d rather have 5% voter turnout if those voters know what they are doing than to have 100% of the mindless masses pick our next representatives.


Eat Whatever You Want, You’re Going to Die Anyway

With scientists changing their opinions every few weeks, it’s hard to know which foods are good for you and which foods are poisoning your vital organs. That’s why many sensible people say sensible-sounding things like “I won’t eat anything with ingredients I can’t pronounce”. But science can even ruin that.


There’s also a similar graphic for eggs and cherries.

And another thing, unless you have celiac disease please shut up about your need for gluten-free whatever-the-hell. I could rant for hours on this one but here’s an article headline that says it all: Science Proves Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real, People Are Just Whiners

No shit.

Are there too many people? Or not enough?

I’m working on an article about how the only logical environmental decision you should make is to not have children. It doesn’t matter how “green” your lifestyle is — you will blow all of that out of the water if you birth another child into the world.

But maybe I’m wrong.