Are there too many people? Or not enough?

I’m working on an article about how the only logical environmental decision you should make is to not have children. It doesn’t matter how “green” your lifestyle is — you will blow all of that out of the water if you birth another child into the world.

But maybe I’m wrong.

3 thoughts on “Are there too many people? Or not enough?

  1. I think Durkin makes some unqualified cmilas that are not quite as absolute he makes them appear.However, diving into the science the most striking thing that appears is the insupportable level of confidence in many of the AGW conclusions. Meaningful Global mean temperatures from 1,000 years ago can be divined within tenths of a degree? Unlikely to the extreme. Droughts and catastrophic melting from a .6 degree increase? Astonishing. Unwarranted confidence abounds.

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